Monday, September 5, 2011

Chapter 33 - Micah

Dust filled the air. I searched for my target. Eve wrestled with Isoli. Still no shot. My vision remained hampered by the paralyzer bullet. The whole scene taken in through foggy plastic goggles. My focus shifted to the black SUV rumbling down the washboard road, kicking up more dust.
My eyes zoomed back to Isoli. I had to take a shot. Five seconds passed. Still nothing. I peered down the sights and found the larger figure. Isoli loomed over Eve. His knife poised to attack. I breathed easy. My finger eased onto the trigger.
The bullet rang down the barrel of my rifle a split second after Isoli crashed to the ground.  Dust flew where Isoli had been.  A hard cry split the air. Through the dust, red blood ran down Eve’s side and stained the ground under her back. I missed. How could I miss? I tried to focus. Eve still fought to stay alive. I leveled my gun again and found my target. Isoli’s arm swung down before I could react. Eve didn’t scream this time.
Instinctively I lowered my gun and sprinted towards Eve. Olivia already stood above her trying to stem the wound.  Isoli ran for the black Apache helicopter. Self-preservation his only goal. I needed revenge. I knelt a few feet from Eve,  looking for a shot. Isoli stayed on the back side of the chopper. The SUV skidded to a halt at least 20 feet behind me. The door opened and closed. I ignored the footsteps closing in behind me. An adrenaline rush heightened my focus. I just needed one chance. I wouldn’t miss this time. I watched Isoli’s feet step behind the chopper. Just a few more feet. The footsteps behind me neared. I held my gun tight, prepared for an attack. The new assailant approached then moved right passed me, standing directly over Eve. I didn’t turn, not wanting to miss my chance to shoot Isoli. I stared at the space below the Apache. Isoli crept slower as he neared the edge of the helicopter. Sweat dripped off the edge of my nose. The air unusually humid. My finger tightened on the trigger, ready to fire.
Eve’s hoarse whisper carried over the sound of the spinning propellers. “Take me home.”
“Stay with us Eve!” I shouted, needing to keep her just a moment longer.
A strong hand grabbed my shoulder. Seizing my collar-bone. Still I didn’t move my gun. I silently willed Isoli to step out from his cover. He didn’t move.
The attacker spoke in a calm voice. It sounded so familiar.
“Put the gun down, Micah”.

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  1. Blast that blindness! Quickly, write that next chapter, please!