Monday, April 25, 2011


Micah and Eve are destined for mediocrity--unless they can change their DNA.

Welcome to Garbage--a book published chapter by chapter, week by week. And the great thing is you’ll get to choose some of the choices Micah and Eve make throughout the book. Don’t worry, no multiple endings, just the opportunity for you to shape the action as it rolls along.

Making his debut as a fiction writer, DJ Savage has honed his skills as a blogger, writing about what he loves the most--sports! As the voice of Micah, DJ will show you the action through the eyes of the impulsive, idealistic, more-than-a-garbage-man hero.

Ranee` S. Clark has written several, yet to be published YA novels. She’s currently querying her debut novel, Bloom. Ranee` will write opposite DJ in a character probably too like herself than she’s willing to admit--bossy, protective, and careful Eve.

So sit back, slack off work, ignore Facebook for a few minutes and enjoy Garbage.

The first installment will be published April 27, 2011.


  1. Very cool site. I love it. It sets a dark, unpredictable tone--and I love to be moody.

  2. I'm so excited!! What a fun idea - a great way to write a story.